My approach to photography has always been about connecting to life, articulation of dreams and expression of spirit. Although the camera only sees in two dimensions, it is a powerful catalyst through which souls unite and the true beauty of all living things is revealed. When I am photographing someone, I feel a profound exchange that comes from permitting the lens to direct my perspective and perceptions.

 Sometimes it is just the light. A seemingly simple exchange of shadows that provides a sufficient mask or costume for someone to dress up in; allowing their true beauty and spirit to shine. Other times they speak to me in silks, muslins, concrete walls and peeling paint. When I am fortunate enough to photograph a child, my own youth is often awakened. I'm a brave knight playing a tense game of hide and seek with a patient dragon. Or, I am remembering an adventurous voyage, riding on the pages of a treasured book, and losing myself within dreams painted in dazzling storybook hues.

 Before embarking on a new photographic journey, I ask the universe to help quiet my soul and allow the stories to unfold themselves. And in that brief and profound moment of revelation, the camera and I will disappear.
Tiffany she/her

"You don't take a picture. You ask , quietly to borrow it"
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